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May 18, 2022 View:

Talk about the common failure of lobe pump comb

The sludge lobe pump is based on the relative speed in the middle of the motor rotor and the pump casing to work in, and is critically used to transport these higher viscosity substances. Its volume is not too large and, in addition, it is compact, so it occupies a very critical influence at the industrial production level. lobe pumpThe reasons that can cause excessive current in sludge lobe pumps are still relatively numerous, and I'll give you a brief detail of several of them here. The first thing you should do is to check the shaft or rolling bearing level problem to see if the rolling bearing is damaged on a relative level, if it appears, it is proposed to save immediately. If you can't save, you can carry out demolition and replacement for this matter. Secondly, the guys should check the lobe pump manufacturer's motor, the motor common fault will also cause the lobe pump manufacturer current amount is too high. Finally, we should put the vision to the inlet and outlet pipes, the inlet and outlet pipes if there is a hint of obstruction, then it will cause the inlet and outlet working pressure is getting very large. A large inlet and outlet working pressure, thus causing the expansion of the electric flow. In response to this kind of condition, the big guys just eliminate the blockage immediately.
What should I do if the sludge lobe pump has no total flow? The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. If the lobe pump manufacturer's rotational orientation is reversed, then the lobe shaft sludge lobe pump will undoubtedly not be able to work properly and transport the material out. In this case, we have to adjust its orientation back quickly. Otherwise, it will damage the lobe pump manufacturer more seriously.
Second, the guys can check the removal side pipe gate valve to see if they forget to open it. In addition, incidentally, check the suction side pipeline gate valve. Whether the suction side pipeline gate valve is turned off or the discharge side pipeline gate valve is turned off, it is going to cause the lobe pump manufacturer no total flow.