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May 18, 2022 View:

Talking about the solution of the lobe pump failure

lobe pumps have no wearing parts in operation, can be maintenance-free, easy to clean, and the part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel. With the characteristics of hygiene, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, less maintenance, high pressure, etc., it can convey high viscosity materials and perishable materials such as paste or easy sensitive materials such as yeast, yogurt and other materials, so the lobe pump is welcomed by everyone. The following gives you a summary of some common failures of the lobe pump, I hope it will help. 1, the current is too large to cause the lobe pump current is too large or more reasons, here to give you a brief introduction to a few. First of all, we should check the shaft or bearing problems, to see if the bearing has a corresponding degree of wear, if it appears, it is recommended that timely remedy. If the remedy is not available, then this can be replaced. Second, we should check the lobe pump motor, motor failure can also cause the lobe pump current is too high. After, we should put the line of sight at the export pipeline, the export pipeline if there is a little blockage, it will lead to the export pressure becomes very large. The pressure at the outlet is large, which in turn causes the current to increase. In the face of this situation, we promptly clear the blockage is good. 2, no flow lobe pump no flow how? I think this problem has plagued many friends, lobe pump no flow with these several reasons: 1, lobe pump rotation direction has become reversed. According to common sense, the direction of rotation of the lobe pump is the core of the lobe pump, in maintaining the lobe pump work, plays a vital role. If the rotation direction of the lobe pump becomes reversed, then the lobe lobe pump will certainly not work properly and cannot transport the medium out. At this point, we have to hurry to adjust its direction over. Otherwise, it will seriously damage the lobe pump. 2, you can check the exclusion side pipeline valve to see if you forgot to open it. At the same time, by the way, check the suction side pipeline valve. Whether the suction side pipeline valve is closed or the discharge side pipeline valve is closed, will lead to the lobe pump no flow. 3, stop pump lobe pump stop pump this phenomenon is still relatively dangerous, it often appears on behalf of the lobe pump motor encountered some obstacles, which caused overload protection. In addition, if the pressure at the outlet is too large, that will also trigger the generation of this phenomenon. Furthermore, we can look at how the shaft and bearings are sticking together, and if the shaft and bearings are stuck, the lobe pump will also stop pumping.