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May 11, 2022 View:

The Advantages Of Choosing A Lobe Rotary Lobe Pump For Oil Depot Sweeping

The main media handled by oil depot sweepers are petrol, diesel, jet fuel or crude oil. In the process of sweeping, it is important to choose a pump with strong self-priming capacity, zero leakage and no crystallisation. The low speed, strong self-priming, non-clogging, non-leakage rotary lobe pumps meet this requirement.

First of all, the strong self-priming capability is reflected in the fact that the rotary lobe pump can pump up the medium without filling the pump and can reach a self-priming height of up to 9 metres, which cannot be achieved by centrifugal pumps. The strong self-priming capacity is ensured by the fact that, because of the special nature of the unloading process, the final stage of unloading involves a mixture of gas and liquid, which requires the pump to meet the requirements. The rotary lobe pump uses a fully rubber covered rotor, which allows the pump to run for a short time without media in the pipeline as long as the overflow chamber contains media, and has no effect on the mechanical seal (the set mechanical seal is separately lubricated and cooled in the intermediate isolation chamber).

Secondly, the ability of zero leakage. The rotary lobe pump differs from other pumps in that it uses an integrated mechanical seal, which is individually lubricated and cooled in the isolation cavity, and the working condition of the evacuation does not affect the mechanical seal in the case of media contained in the overflow cavity. The cause of pump leakage is not only the failure of the seal, but also the failure of the mechanical seal by burning leading to pump leakage.

Finally, the ability to resist crystallisation. The pump body can be equipped with a filter unit at the inlet and discharge points, which is fixed to the base by means of a support frame. The filter unit, consisting of a connection cover, a filter screen and a liquid guide cover, filters the medium entering the pump body and prevents impurity particles from entering the pump body. With a strong self-priming capacity for gas-liquid mixing, the ability to pass impurity particles and zero leakage, the rotary lobe pump can be used in oil depot sweeping processes.

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