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May 11, 2022 View:

The Advantages Of Forward And Reverse Rotation Of Lobe Rotary Lobe Pump Are Reflected In What Aspects

The lobe rot or pump has forward and reverse characteristics, mainly due to its structural design. The rotary lobe pump has a completely symmetrical design and is able to change the import and export direction of the pump by simply changing the output steering of the motor shaft. It can be used not only for membrane pumping occasions in membrane treatment processes, but also for unloading and loading two work stations with one pump.

In addition, the forward and reverse function of the rotary lobe pump allows the loading and unloading of a vehicle with one pump for two applications, where the pipeline design does not allow, for example, forward unloading and reverse loading.

The forward and reverse rotation characteristics of the rotary lobe pump also allow the direction of pump operation to be changed by changing the wiring direction of the power. In agricultural farming applications, a mobile pump truck can complete both irrigation and drainage work.

In short, in practice, lobe pumps with bi-directional conveying capabilities can greatly increase the efficiency and flexibility of production.