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May 11, 2022 View:

The Advantages Of Rotary Lobe Pump As Gasoline Unloading Pump

The use of rotor pumps for petrol unloading trucks, leaving aside the initial purchase price, which is a more important factor, results in the lowest overall cost of use in the long run. In addition, lobe pumps as petrol unloading pumps have the following advantages.

lobe pump

1, gas, liquid mixed transport, especially in the final tank bottom sweeping stage, because the mechanical seal of the lobe pump is individually lubricated and cooled, so there will be no mechanical seal damage due to overheating things happen.

2、No need to draw liquid to fill the pump, the machine can be used, even if the centrifugal pump plus auxiliary devices, or not as good as the original self-priming ability of the lobe pump.

3, easy maintenance, lobe pumps can help customers save money: high pump efficiency, power saving, 1 quarter down, the savings in electricity can be used in other areas; can be online maintenance, replacement of spare parts without removing the pipeline, motor, does not affect the use of other equipment; replacement method, a single person can be completed, saving the cost of manpower.