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May 11, 2022 View:

The Advantages Of Rotary Lobe Pump For Sewage Sludge Transfer

The advantages of using lobe pumps for sewage sludge transfer are as follows.


In the wastewater discharged from the production of a company, there are many types of sludge with a very specific composition and an unstable solids content, so the demands on the pump are many. In this case, a non-clogging lobe pump can be considered for sludge transfer, because of its characteristic structure, which is not easily clogged in any sludge conditions and is very adaptable to ensure normal production even under adverse conditions.

2、High conveying efficiency

Because of its special rotor structure, the non-clogging lobe pump is virtually clog-free during transport, which also ensures efficient sludge transport with almost no clogging stops, and because of its mode of operation, it also consumes very little energy and saves on usage costs.

3、Can be used for a long time

Generally when selecting a pump, the use time is taken into account, as it is a long time high load operation, so the service life is critical. The non-clogging lobe pump is specially designed so that the speed can be kept at a very low level of operation, so there is less wear and tear and it can be used for a long time, with a service life more than twice that of an ordinary pump body.

These three points are the advantages of using lobe pumps for sewage sludge transfer, I hope they will help you!