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May 11, 2022 View:

The Advantages Of Rotary Lobe Pump In The Chemical Industry

In recent years, as the industrialisation process in China has accelerated, the social economy has developed at a rapid pace. In addition to the use of raw resources such as oil, natural gas and coal, the derived chemical synthesis substances have become the raw material for the synthesis of new materials in various fields. lobe pumps are mainly used in the chemical industry for conveying, pumping, pressurising and sewage treatment in the preparation of materials. Their specific advantages are as follows

1、The lobe pump has a compact structure and a small installation area.

2、The lobe pump can convey media with high abrasiveness, high solids content and high viscosity, and has a high particle passing capacity.

3, the lobe pump flow rate is proportional to the rotational speed, almost does not change with the pressure, the flow rate can be adjusted in a wide range, through the frequency conversion to adjust the motor speed, you can easily adjust the pump output flow.

4, the lobe pump has a strong self-priming ability, the maximum self-priming height can reach more than 9m under standard atmospheric pressure, start without filling liquid, especially suitable for pier barrels and other occasions that need self-priming.

5, lobe pump is a low speed pump, wear-resistant, long replacement cycle of wearing parts. And the pump cavity inlet to the outlet stroke is very short, so the shear force on the medium is small, the pulse is small, and the operation is smooth.

6、The lobe pump is designed with a completely symmetrical structure and can run in both directions, by changing the direction of rotation of the motor, it can achieve a two-way conveying function, which is especially suitable for the application of membrane pumping in the membrane treatment process.

7、The unique online repairable design of the lobe pump improves maintenance efficiency. No need to dismantle the pipe flange for maintenance, just open the quick start pump cover and you can replace the entire pump overflow components, such as rotor, mechanical seal, liner plate, etc. This significantly reduces maintenance downtime and labour costs.

8, the lobe pump has the ability to run dry for a short period of time, because the pump seal is immersed in the buffer isolation chamber filled with light lubricating oil, so the pump can adapt to the state of dry running for a short period of time, the main components of the pump rotor, mechanical seal will not be damaged due to frictional heating. The cushioned isolation chamber also has the function of preventing the medium from entering the gear chamber and monitoring the mechanical seal for failure.