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May 11, 2022 View:

The Advantages Of Rubber Rotary Lobe Pump For Methanol Unloading Truck

Why should you choose a rubber lobe pump in the methanol unloading process and what advantages does it offer? Today Ace lobe pump's will tell you.

1, rubber lobe pump with fully rubber covered rotor, rubber material must be selected correctly, otherwise it will react chemically with methanol and produce dissolution, resulting in pump leakage.

2、The O-ring material of the single end mechanical seal must be the same as that of the rubber rotor.

3, rubber rotary lobe pump can be mixed gas-liquid transmission, a short period of dry running will not affect the pump, so there will be no mechanical seal burned and lead to pump leakage.

4. The mechanical seal of the rubber rotary lobe pump is individually lubricated and cooled in the isolation chamber to prevent overheating.

5. For self-priming capability, the rubber rotary lobe pump does not need to be filled with pump, it can self-priming when it is switched on, there is no break in flow.

6. The rubber rotary lobe pump is easy to maintain, and the replacement of wearing parts does not require the removal of piping and the motor.

These are the advantages of choosing rubber lobe pumps for methanol unloading trucks. Zhejiang Ace professional rubber lobe pump, rotary lobe pump manufacturer, welcome to call us: +086-18626835909