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May 11, 2022 View:

The Advantages Of Rubber Rotary Lobe Pump For Unloading Truck Sweeping Process

The rubber lobe pump is a type of positive displacement pump with low speed, high energy efficiency, strong self-priming power and the ability to mix gas and liquid. Because of its superb self-priming capacity, there is no need to divert and fill the pump when unloading; especially in the oil unloading process, only one rubber lobe pump is needed to complete the unloading, warehouse sweeping, pipeline emptying, pumping and emptying tank oil and other operations. This saves the need for sweep tanks, sweep pumps, sweep pipelines and other facilities and equipment, saves costs and investment, and also facilitates operation and management, making it an ideal, economical and practical new oil unloading process. Ace will introduce the advantages of the rubber lobe pump for the unloading process.

The rubber lobe pump has the ability to mix gas-liquid-solid transport. If the overflow chamber is full or has media, the rubber lobe pump can be evacuated from the pipeline for a short time, i.e. dry running. If there is no media in the overflow chamber, dry running within 1 minute is allowed, long dry running will burn the rubber covered rotor.

The rubber lobe pump has the feature of forward and reverse rotation, which allows loading and unloading of a vehicle with one pump for two applications, where the pipeline design does not allow, for example, forward rotation for unloading and reverse rotation for loading.

Rubber lobe pumps are highly efficient. The requirements of the sweeping process are higher than those of the loading process. The sweeping process will have a mixed gas-liquid conveying state, the rubber lobe pump is a volumetric pump with a low speed, the selection of the sweeping process needs to consider controlling the outlet speed of the independent reducer between 300-350rpm, otherwise the speed is too high, the pump is prone to vibration and cavitation.

The rubber lobe pump is easy to maintain in a simple way and has a low overall cost of use. In the unloading and sweeping process, as long as the outlet speed of the rubber lobe pump is controlled, then the pump will not vibrate. The wearing parts of the rubber lobe pump are mainly the rubber covered rotor in contact with the medium, the wear resistant liner and the set mechanical seal cooled separately in the middle isolation chamber. On the whole, the rubber covered rotor can be replaced more often, while the rotor can be replaced without dismantling the pipeline and motor and by opening the pump cover.

These are the advantages of rubber lobe pumps for the unloading process of sweeping bins, I hope you will find them helpful!