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May 11, 2022 View:

The Advantages Of Small Hand-Push Mobile Pump Truck

The hand-pushed small mobile lobe pump truck is a diesel or electric motor directly driven lobe pump. This pump truck has the characteristics of small size, high flow rate, high suction range, reliability and mobility. This pump truck is adapted to urban and rural roads, tunnel rescue and various complex working conditions. The smoothness and shock absorption are also its highlights. It is mainly used in factories and construction sites for fast and small-scale drainage treatment, flood control and drainage, emergency drainage, etc.

lobe pump

The specific advantages of a small hand-push mobile pump truck are as follows.

I. High efficiency rotary lobe pumps

The specially designed cam lobe pump is resistant to dry wear and can pump water without flooding, has a small volume, high flow rate and high head pressure, and is suitable for long distance and high resistance quantitative conveying. The pump has a fast loading time and can convey three-phase mixtures of vapour, liquid and solids. The viscosity of the medium that can be conveyed can be as high as 1000000CP and slurry with a solid content of 55%. Its compact structure, easy maintenance, almost no wearing parts, low operating costs.

II. Wear and tear resistance

The wear resistance is related to the composition structure of the rotary lobe pump. The rotary lobe pump uses a fully rubber-coated three-lobe spiral rotor, which is generally used in the petroleum and petrochemical industry and is oil and corrosion resistant.

Three, hand-push type design is mobile and flexible

Simple structure, small size, light weight, can be towed by a pick-up truck or pushed by hand

IV. No inflation

With solid tyres that do not need to be inflated, they are resistant to wear, punctures and tears and are suitable for use in adverse weather and road conditions.