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May 11, 2022 View:

The Advantages Of The Flood Pump Truck And The Application Of Working Conditions

The flood pump truck, also called flood pump truck, drainage pump truck, is used in a wide range of working conditions. The flood pump truck is suitable for drainage in areas with power outages caused by disasters, drainage in urban flooded tunnels, emergency water supply for fire fighting and flood rescue, drainage in flooded areas, agricultural drought water supply, temporary water transfer and various other harsh emergency application conditions.

1、Characteristics of the drainage pump truck

The self-priming performance is good, the self-priming height can reach about 9 metres, the volume itself is not large so its footprint is relatively small, saving civil construction costs, maintenance is convenient, smooth operation, low noise, light wear and tear, flow rate can be adjusted, the overall drainage pump truck is more wear-resistant and durable, compact structure, occupying little space. Drainage pump truck is mainly used in community drainage, mobile fire fighting, municipal small flow drainage, etc. It is simple to operate and easy to get started, and the structure is simple and does not occupy space, so it is widely used in various flood control and emergency scenarios.

2、Composition of the flood pump truck

The composition of the pump truck is relatively simple, the structure is not too complex, it is easy to operate and occupies a very small area during specific operations, its composition is mainly a lobe pump set, a diesel engine, in addition our company also has a small trolley to provide for the specific needs of customers to choose flexibly. The structure is simple, but it can solve most emergency rescue problems.

3、Advantages of flood pump trucks

The drainage pump truck is widely used in community property drainage, garden irrigation, garage emergency drainage, fire fighting, etc. because of its simple operation and high suction range, which can quickly suck up the water and is therefore widely used.

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