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May 11, 2022 View:

The Advantages Of The Rotary Lobe Pump For Oily Sewage Lifting

Oily sewage lifting means pumping (eye-suction) up dirty or oily sewage from a 5 enzyme position, lifting it to the ground or above ground level and then conveying it to the next process. The station requires the lifting pump to have several key features.

1) High suction capacity without the need for priming and irrigation pumps.

2) Non-clogging, gas-liquid mixable.

3) Explosion-proof, no leakage, high safety performance.

4) Suitable for media with varying viscosity.

(5) Oil resistance, or corrosion resistance.

The special features of the Ace lobe pump are a perfect illustration of these requirements. In addition, the Ace lobe pump's unique design for easy online maintenance and its outstanding performance in lifting oily wastewater have won the hearts of petrochemical users.

In addition, oily wastewater contains dirty oil, crude oil, water and abrasive particulate matter, and the Ace lobe pump is equipped with an all-round wear-resistant liner and an abrasion and oil-resistant rubber rotor for abrasive media, making the product more durable for this station.