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May 11, 2022 View:

The Application Advantages Of Rubber Rotary Lobe Pump In The Oil Recovery Process

Rubber lobe pumps are strongly self-priming, wear and corrosion resistant, with high flow rates, high pressures and small footprints, just in time to solve the space and performance challenges of the oilfield. Today Ace takes a look at the specific advantages of rubber lobe pumps in the oil recovery process.

I. Low cost of use

Long service life and low cost of accessories, complete maintenance of the pump without removing the piping and the motor; high pump efficiency and reduced power consumption.

II. Strong self-priming

The rubber lobe pump does not need to be primed before use and can be pumped up to a height of 8.5 metres when switched on.

Three, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant

The platform return water is mainly a mixture of sewage and dirty oil, containing a small amount of particulate matter. The gap between the rubber covered rotor and the pump casing of the lobe pump is designed to be frictionless, non-clogging, wear and corrosion resistant during the pumping process.

IV. Small installation space

Ace rubber lobe pumps have a highly integrated design with few accessories and a small footprint

V. Stable flow and high pressure

Delivery pressure up to 1.8Mpa, long running time and stable flow.