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May 11, 2022 View:

The Application Characteristics Of High Viscosity Rotary Lobe Pump

High viscosity lobe pump is composed of rotor, shaft, pump body, front cover, bracket, seal, bearing and other components. When rotating, negative pressure is formed at the suction port, liquid is sucked in, and the rotor takes the liquid to the discharge port and discharges it from the pump body under pressure, completing a large flow of liquid delivery.

The high viscosity lobe pump has a wide range of viscosity adaptation and features low speed, high efficiency, smooth running, strong self-priming capability, easy operation and pump preheating. The pump adopts advanced sealing, reliable performance and long service life. It is a special equipment for conveying high temperature, high viscosity or high sanitary requirements in petrochemical, oil and grease, asphalt, food and light industry.

Application characteristics of high viscosity lobe pumps.

1、Long service life; the two wheels maintain a certain gap between them and do not rub against each other, no wear and tear.

2, wide range of application: conveying high viscosity, concentration and task containing particles of media, is the ideal product to replace the single screw pump.

3、Energy-saving products: novel design, low running speed, high efficiency, 30% energy saving compared to screw pumps and gear pumps.

4, reliable sealing: due to the low speed, the sealing surface is not easy to produce high temperature, little wear, long service life.

5, jacketed insulation type: the pump can be installed with jacketed insulation device, the temperature is adapted to 0 ℃ - 250 ℃ range.