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May 11, 2022 View:

The Application Characteristics Of Rotary Lobe Pump In The Chocolate Production Process

The chocolate process is a series of production processes in which cocoa liquor blocks, cocoa butter, sugar and dairy products are mixed, finely ground, refined, tempered, moulded, demoulded and packaged in proportion to each other. During the entire production process, ensuring the stable and leak-free transport of the chocolate paste is a vital technology in the production process.

In chocolate production lines, Ace lobe pumps can be used as transfer pumps underneath melting pans, ball mills, finishing mills, holding cylinders, and as built-in pumps in coating machines, pouring machines and drip pouring machines.

The lobe pump for chocolate production has the following characteristics.

Good thermal insulation.

The melting point of chocolate syrup is between 34C and 38C. During the conveying process, the temperature of chocolate syrup is generally maintained between 40C and 50C. If the temperature is too low, the chocolate paste will easily harden and the seal will wear out, affecting the normal service life of the seal, while if the temperature is too high, the taste of the chocolate will be affected.

Mechanical seals are reliable.

The Ace lobe pump mechanical seal is specially designed to prevent the solidification of the chocolate pulp in contact with the end faces of the seal, thus reducing wear and extending the life of the seal.

High hygiene rating.

In the production process of chocolate, there are strict requirements for the sanitary level of the equipment. the sanitary level of the transfer pump is closely related to the structure, material and manufacturing process of the pump. ace lobe pump is made of food grade stainless steel, the rotor and rotor, rotor and pump body keep a certain gap between them, no friction coefficient, high sanitary level.

Low shear.

The Ace lobe pump is equipped with a special structured rotor and a reduced speed inverter motor, which ensures a low speed and low shear, thus guaranteeing a delicate and aromatic chocolate taste.