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May 11, 2022 View:

The Application Of Rotary Lobe Pump In Oil Chemical Unloading Process

Oil chemical unloading pumps are very typical process applications in petrochemical processes. The lobe pump chosen as an oil chemical unloading pump provides a leak-free pump for transporting oil chemicals, the pump design and manufacturing and inspection standards meet the standards of the American Petroleum Institute API 676 and the sealing system meets the American Petroleum Institute API 682 standard.

Ace lobe pump is a positive displacement pump, independently developed and produced, the product has a strong gas-liquid mixing and conveying ability, can empty the pipeline, can unload the medium. In addition Ace lobe pumps also allow short dry runs, stable unloading, simple process and high efficiency, and are now widely used by Sinopec, PetroChina and other large chemical companies.

The specific advantages of its application are as follows.

1、Corrosion and abrasion resistance: the all-rubber clad material has such characteristics, fluoroelastomer is mainly corrosion resistant and nitrile rubber is mainly abrasion resistant.

2、Strong self-priming: The lobe pump with rubber rotor has a strong self-priming capability of its own, which can reach 9m self-priming, and can also be used for cleaning oily sewage and sludge at the bottom of the tank.

3、Low cost during the use cycle: lobe pumps have fewer wearing parts, mainly rubber rotors, liners and mechanical seals, and common replacement parts are rubber-covered rotors. When replacing parts, there is no need to dismantle pipelines and motors, which will not affect the use of other equipment.

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