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May 11, 2022 View:

The Application Of Rotary Lobe Pump In Oil Refinery

As a rule, lobe pumps are usually used on fuel oil pumping and residue pumping stations, taking into account the cost effectiveness of the overall refinery installation. The following are specific application advantages.

lobe pump

I. Fuel oil pumps

(1) Smaller flow rate and higher viscosity of the liquid

(2) Requires a stable outlet pressure, typically 1.0 to 1.2 MPa.

(3) The temperature is not high, generally between 90 and 200°C.

(4) High reliability requirements with a 100% standby ratio.

(5) The choice of lobe pumps, or centrifugal pumps where the Q-H curve is not humped.

II. Residue pumps

(1) The flow rate is small, the liquid contains a certain amount of solid particles, or there are corrosive media.

(2) A wide range of variation in liquid viscosity.

(3) High reliability requirements with a 100% standby ratio.

(4) The temperature range is generally 80 to 100%.

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