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May 11, 2022 View:

The Application Of Rotary Lobe Pump In The Oil-Containing Sewage Lifting Process

In general refineries, petrochemical terminal operation areas, oil depots and many other operations are equipped with catchment wells, catchment tanks (buried tanks), above ground dirty oil tanks etc., which are mainly a mixture of various oils, water and debris collected in the catchment ditch of the tank area. In order to pump up the foul oil or oily effluent from a low position, lift it to the surface or above the surface and transport it to the next process, a pump that can be self-priming and smoothly transported is required for this process.

Ace lobe pump is a volumetric pump with low speed, strong self-priming capability, high efficiency, mixed solid-gas-liquid transport and low requirement for filtering impurities. It is widely used in the fields of crude oil extraction, storage, transportation and refining.

The advantages of lobe pumps in oily sewage lifting processes

1、Self-priming 9m, no pumping required

The lobe pump can reach a self-priming capacity of 9 m. Because of the external gearbox set-up, the application on oily sewage effluent stations is usually controlled at an outlet speed of around 450 rpm.

2. Wear and corrosion resistant rubber covered rotor

With a fully rubber covered rotor, there is basically no gap between the rotor and the inner wall of the pump cavity. During operation, the pump cavity forms a vacuum and the medium is conveyed through the principle of atmospheric pressure.

The rubber rotor made of fluoroelastomer is insensitive to dirty oil, weak acids, weak alkalis and oily effluent with particulate matter as the main body, and can meet the requirements of corrosion and wear resistance.

3. Positive displacement, high efficiency

The lobe pump is a positive displacement pump with a straight performance curve, the higher the speed, the higher the efficiency and is not affected by pressure, which is where it differs from the centrifugal pump.

4、On-line maintenance, low cost of use throughout the life cycle

lobe pump replacement consumables without removal of motor, piping.

The main consumable parts are rubber covered rotors, mechanical seals with separate isolation cavities, lubrication and cooling, without making contact with the medium.