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May 11, 2022 View:

The Characteristics And Application Advantages Of Sludge Rotary Lobe Pump

Sludge lobe pumps are a type of conveying machinery with a high concentration of discharge viscosity. The sludge lobe pump, also known as a rotary lobe pump, achieves sludge transfer through fine adjustments to the manufacturing process, in conjunction with a gas-diesel motor, to meet the needs of the work station.

So, what are the specific advantages of sludge lobe pumps? Which areas are they mainly used in? Today Ace rotor pump's will tell you.

Characteristic advantages of sludge lobe pumps.

1. Forward and reverse rotation, the direction of operation can be changed by changing the direction of the motor connection;

2, online maintenance, maintenance of the sludge lobe pump is online maintenance, repair without removing the pipeline, use the matching tools to open the pump cover, dismantle the need to replace the spare parts can be;

3、Dry installation, the sludge lobe pump is small in size and belongs to the dry installation;

In use, sludge lobe pumps rarely clog and generally have good media passage performance.

Areas of application for sludge lobe pumps.

Sludge lobe pumps are mainly used in wastewater treatment plants and can be divided into sludge return pumps and residual sludge pumps depending on the type and application position. In some of the large sewage treatment plants in China, a number of different types of mechanical pumps with different working principles and different effects are used. Due to the high importance attached to water resources in China, many large sewage treatment plants now use sludge lobe pumps in their daily work.