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May 11, 2022 View:

The Choice Of Rotary Lobe Pump Motor Explosion-Proof And Protection

In general, according to the environmental conditions of the use occasion, such as temperature, humidity, installation location, dust, rain and the presence of flammable and explosive gases, the necessary protection methods and the structural form of the motor are considered to determine the explosion-proof level and protection level of the motor. The following Ace lobe pumps are described in detail.

The explosion-proof type of the motor should comply with the requirements of GB500581992.

The explosion-proof class and group of the motor shall not be lower than the class and group of the explosive gas mixture present in the installation site.

The motor shall meet the requirements of the different environmental conditions for electrical equipment such as chemical, mechanical, thermal, mould and sand within the surrounding environment. The construction of the electrical equipment shall meet the requirements that the electrical equipment does not degrade the explosion-proof performance under the specified operating conditions.

Most of the pumps used in chemical and petrochemical installations are open-air and outdoor arrangements, so they cannot be protected by open protection. In the absence of special requirements such as anti-corrosion or explosion-proof, they should be protected against solids (foreign bodies or dust, etc.), wind and rain, and flushing splashes, taking into account the high concentration of chemical media and oil and gas in the installation (which has not yet reached the level of danger that requires special anti-corrosion or explosion-proof), and use fully enclosed protection.

In special environments such as high temperatures, high humidity and corrosive environments, the protection of the motor should be based on the special environmental requirements and some changes should be made to the structural design, material and coating selection of the basic series to give the product some special protection. The protection class of the basic series of motors belongs to IP55, IP54 or IP44, which should be considered comprehensively when selecting and, if necessary, negotiated with the manufacturer to decide on the most economical and applicable special protection type.

The above is the choice of lobe pump motor explosion-proof and protection, I hope it will help you!