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May 11, 2022 View:

The Daily Use Requirements Of High Viscosity Rotary Lobe Pump

A high viscosity lobe pump is a machine that conveys fluid or pressurises fluid. It transmits mechanical energy from the prime mover or other external energy to the fluid to increase its energy. High viscosity lobe pumps are mainly composed of gears, shafts, pump bodies, stabilising valves and shaft end seals. It is widely used in the petroleum, chemical, paint, oil and grease, pharmaceutical, dyestuff, food and other industries. So, what are the requirements for the use of high viscosity lobe pumps in daily use? Today I will take a detailed look at them.

1, high viscosity lobe pump using the specified voltage, line voltage does not exceed the pumping pump nameplate specified voltage plus or minus one tenth before use.

2, high viscosity lobe pump after opening the box connected to the motor, and tightly connected to the motor, so that the pump body and motor as one, connected to the water wheel pipe.

3, high viscosity lobe pump before use to check the appearance of all parts intact before starting to use.

4, high viscosity lobe pump should not be used for air transport, when using, pumping is completed, that is, stop the pump, otherwise it will accelerate the impeller seals bearings and other wear. May also wear the pump tube.

5, high viscosity lobe pump timely replacement of brushes, brush wear to will not be able to use, must be timely replacement (2 brushes at the same time to replace) otherwise will make the brush and commutator poor contact caused by bad damage, damage to the commutator, serious will burn the armature.

6, high viscosity lobe pump shall not be used in the following cases, in the process of use, if found insulation damage, power line worker cable sheath rupture, plug socket cracking or poor contact, and intermittent operation, sparking and other faults, motor shell operation, should be repaired immediately. Do not use until repaired.

7, high viscosity lobe pump to prevent overload, use, where the speed of abnormal or reduced, should be stopped to check whether there are debris stuck impeller or motor failure, pumping pump for some reason need to immediately cut off the power.

8, high viscosity lobe pump using tools to be loved, all pumping pump to be carefully and gently placed to avoid impact.

The lubrication of all parts in the high viscosity lobe pump is automatically achieved by using the output medium when the pump is working. The pump has a well-designed oil drain and oil return tank, which is a small torque force for the gears in operation, so the bearing load is small, the wear is small and the pump rate is high. The pump is equipped with a control valve as overload protection. The full return pressure of the stabilising valve is 1.5 times the rated discharge pressure of the pump and can also be adjusted according to actual needs within the permitted discharge pressure range. However, note that the control valve cannot be used as a long-term pressure reducing valve and can be installed separately in the pipeline if required.