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May 11, 2022 View:

The Details Of The Use Of The Rotary Lobe Pump Must Be Noted

Rotor pumps are a common type of pump in the transport of fluids in industry, in order to achieve the better transport needs, when using lobe pumps, the following details must be noted.

(1) Newly installed lobe pumps should be cleaned once a month with strainers and filters to avoid blocking the lobe pump.

(2) After conveying viscous media, the media in the pump needs to be diluted before stopping the pump to prevent the media remaining in the pump from solidifying and causing blockage.

(3) The viscosity of the transported medium, flow rate and other parameters should be controlled within the pump requirements to avoid clicking overload operation.

(4) mechanical seal device with cooling water, before starting the machine should first open the cooling water, then open the pump, and often observe whether the cooling water is normal, no cooling water operation is strictly prohibited when running.

(5) Check regularly whether the connection and fastening screws are loose, and if so, tighten them in time.

(6) Newly installed piping, the piping must be cleared of welding slag, hard particles of foreign matter to avoid entering the pump cavity and damaging the rotor, pump body, main and secondary shafts, mechanical seals, etc.

These are the details of the lobe pump that need to be noted in the process of use. Zhejiang Ace professional lobe pump manufacturer, welcome to call to consult the selection, quotation and other matters. 24-hour consultation hotline: +086-18626835909