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May 11, 2022 View:

The Difference Between Axial And Radial Protection Liner Of Rotary Lobe Pump

Axial protection liners, available as a standard fitting at both ends of all pump chambers. The liners are available in hardened iron, hardened steel or specially treated stainless steel. Due to the simple opening of the pump cover, both the front and rear end liners are easy to inspect and replace.

Radial protection liners are available in hardened steel or stainless steel. The fixings of the radial protective liners can be tightened externally and are as easy to inspect and replace as the axial liners. When the protective liner is used, all wear parts can be replaced and inspected without exception by opening the pump cover. All inspections and replacements are carried out without dismantling the pump itself.

Ace lobe pumps use a wear-resistant rubber liner with axial and radial wear plates, allowing the pump to run longer and with a low failure rate.

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