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May 11, 2022 View:

The Difference Between Rotary Lobe Pump And High Temperature Magnetic Pump

What are the differences between rotor pumps and high temperature magnetic pumps? Today Ace lobe pump's will give you a brief introduction.

1、Working principle

lobe pumps: lobe pumps are volumetric pumps in which two rotors mounted on two shafts are driven by synchronous gears to rotate against each other. A small sealed cavity is formed between the rotor and the pump casing. When the rotor is rotating, the air at the inlet end is exhausted to form a vacuum and the material is drawn in.

High temperature magnetic pump: mainly consists of pump head, magnetic actuator (magnetic cylinder), motor, connecting base plate and other parts, theoretically belongs to a kind of centrifugal pump. The magnetic drive of the magnetic pump consists of an outer magnetic rotor, an inner magnetic rotor and a non-conductive isolation sleeve. When the motor drives the outer magnetic rotor to rotate, the magnetic field can penetrate the air gap and non-magnetic material and drive the inner magnetic rotor connected with the impeller to make synchronous rotation, realising the contactless synchronous transmission of power and transforming the dynamic sealing structure which is easy to leak into a static sealing structure with zero leakage.

2. Scope of application

lobe pumps: lobe pumps are available with a choice of rotor materials depending on the material, with pressures up to 8 bar and temperatures up to 200deg;C. They can transport viscous, solid particle-laden impurities and are used in a wide range of applications.

High temperature magnetic pump: conveying pressure not greater than 1.6MPa, temperature not exceeding 350℃, viscosity not greater than 30*10-6m2/s, liquid not containing hard particles and fibres.

3. Advantages

The lobe pump has more advantages in the transport of impurity-containing media and can achieve mixed gas-liquid-solid transport without the need for priming and filling the pump.

High temperature magnetic pumps are relatively inexpensive and have obvious advantages for stations with high pump sealing requirements.

The above is the difference between lobe pump and high temperature magnetic pump introduced by Zhejiang Ace lobe pump from three aspects. Zhejiang Ace Pump Technology Co., Ltd. is a large comprehensive pump company integrating design, research and development, production and sales of lobe pumps, rotary lobe pumps and rubber lobe pumps. The company has been focusing on the technical research, production and manufacturing of various types of pumps, and is committed to providing customers with applicable pump handling system solutions.