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May 11, 2022 View:

The Difference Between Rotary Lobe Pump And Twin Screw Pump

lobe pumps and screw pumps are both volumetric pumps, their performance is basically similar, but there are also differences, today Ace lobe pump's will take you to understand the differences between the two.

I. Self-priming capacity

The lobe pump is vertically self-priming up to 9 metres and does not require pump filling; the twin-screw pump also has a certain self-priming capacity, but it is a double-priming, non-closed twin-screw pump.

II. Floor space

The lobe pump is compact in design, occupies a small area and has a flexible variable diameter bore; the twin-screw pump consists of a variety of design structures, but occupies a large area.

III. Direction of conveyance

The lobe pump has a completely symmetrical structure, allowing forward and reverse rotation and reversible direction; the twin-screw pump is not forward and reverse, and the seal is under pressure for reverse transmission

IV. Dry running capacity

The mechanical seal of the lobe pump is immersed in lubricating oil, does not heat up and is allowed to run dry for 30 minutes; the twin-screw pump is not allowed to run dry and is prone to burn the pump.

V. Overgrain capacity

The lobe pump is non-clogging, the rotor is constantly scouring the pump and the sediment has no effect on the pump; the maximum particulate matter in the twin-screw pump is 0.12mm.

The above is the difference between the performance of lobe pumps and twin screw pumps, hope that your choice of pump can provide help. Zhejiang Ace professional lobe pump manufacturer, welcome to call to consult the selection: +086-18626835909