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May 11, 2022 View:

The Good Helper Of Pig Farm Pig Manure Transfer - Rotary Lobe Pump

With the rapid development of the farming industry, the demand for such equipment as pig manure pumps will also continue to increase, so what is the better choice of pump for pig farm pig manure transfer? Today Ace will learn together with you.

We know that the manure effluent of pig farms is mainly a mixture of pig manure, sewage, urine, granules and flocs, which is corrosive and abrasive, therefore, Ace Pumps recommends you to use lobe pumps that are resistant to abrasion, corrosion and good passability. This is reflected in the following.

1、The lobe pump adopts a full rubber packing rotor, the medium has better passability, and the rubber has the performance of lip damage and corrosion resistance.

2, lobe pump volume rate in more than 90%, the pump operating speed is low, a rotor control between 100-500 rpm, its rotor type fully rubber covered, no gap between the rotor and the pump casing, the pump cavity to form a certain vacuum, manure sewage in the pump cavity stay time is short.

3, the lobe pump has a certain self-priming force, and there is no need to fill the pump before starting, it can also be forward and reverse, positive transfer and reverse flushing, the self-priming force of the pump can reach 9m.

4、The lobe pump has a simple structure, occupies a small area, can be maintained online without removing the pipeline and the motor, and the pump is installed in dry mode.

Finally, it is recommended that when buying a lobe pump, you must find a reliable lobe pump manufacturer, which will not only allow you to buy equipment with a long service life and many advantages, but will also enable you to get a more rapid and attentive after-sales guarantee in case of equipment failure problems.