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May 11, 2022 View:

The Key Reason Why The Rotary Lobe Pump Can Sell Well In The Market

It is understood that the strong self-priming, easy to maintain and low maintenance characteristics of rubber covered rotor pumps are points of concern for customers, which is at the same time the key reason why lobe pumps sell well in the market. Today Ace lobe pump's will provide you with a detailed introduction.

I. Frequency of replacement

The low overall cost of use of the lobe pump is reflected in the frequency of replacement of wearing parts on the one hand and the main wearing parts are rubber rotors, wear-resistant liners, assembled mechanical seals and sealing rings on the other.

With the correct selection, running 8 hours a day, from the data accumulated over the years, the main replacements are the rubber rotor and the mechanical seal, which last between 1.5 and 3 years, the price of these two parts being roughly 20% of the overall pump set price.

II. Dry running capacity

During operation, the rotor in the overflow chamber runs at a low speed, the pump chamber forms a vacuum and the inlet forms a negative pressure, the medium is sucked into the overflow chamber by the lobe pump and the conveying process is completed.

Unlike centrifugal pumps, the mechanical seal of a lobe pump is cooled separately in the intermediate isolation chamber and does not come into contact with the medium, so the rubber covered lobe pump has the ability to run dry (with medium in the overflow chamber).

III. Replacement time

The lobe pumps are easy to replace with wear parts and can be replaced by a single person following the operating manual or video instructions. A simple rubber rotor replacement takes 25 minutes.

IV. Space occupied

In contrast, the lobe pump has a smaller footprint, for example to replace a screw pump, the original area where 2 pumps could be placed can prevent 3 - 4 rubber lobe pumps, making full use of civil construction space.

These are the key reasons why lobe pumps are able to sell well in the market. We hope that the above introduction will help you!