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May 11, 2022 View:

The Maintenance Method Of Chemical Transfer Rotary Lobe Pump In Winter

Winter temperature is lower, many occasions of sewage chemical lobe pump due to temperature reasons to stop using, this time chemical pump maintenance and maintenance becomes particularly important, therefore, winter we must do a good job of chemical transfer lobe pump maintenance work.

Maintenance methods for chemical transfer lobe pumps in winter.

1、After parking the chemical transfer pump, discharge the remaining liquid in the chemical transfer pump and pipeline, and clean the external mud to avoid freezing and freezing of water to crack the pump body and water pipe.

2, check the bearings, such as the inner jacket wear, loose, wear or the appearance of the stain are to be replaced. The bearings that do not need to be replaced can be cleaned with diesel fuel, greased and installed.

3、Check whether the rotor of the chemical transfer pump has cracks or small holes, whether the rotor fixing nut is loose, if there is damage should be repaired or replaced. If the rotor wears too much or has broken, generally should replace the new rotor.

4、The pump shaft that is bent or worn severely should be repaired or replaced, otherwise it will cause unbalance of the rotor and wear of the relevant parts.

5, chemical transfer pump removed screws soaked in diesel oil with, then cleaned and greased, re-installed or wrapped in plastic and put away (can also be dipped in diesel oil to save) to avoid rust or lost.

The above five points are the maintenance method of sending machine chemical transfer pump, hope it will help you!