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May 11, 2022 View:

The Performance Advantages And Application Fields Of Sludge Rotary Lobe Pump

Sludge rotor pumps are a type of conveying machinery with a high concentration of discharge viscosity. At present, the front-end sewage sludge of our filter presses is, in general, conveyed by means of sludge lobe pumps. The sludge lobe pump achieves the purpose of sludge conveying through fine adjustment of the manufacturing process, together with the steam and diesel motor, to meet the needs of the work station.

So, what are the advantages of sludge lobe pumps? What are the main applications? Today Ace lobe pump 's will take you through them.

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Sludge lobe pump performance advantages

1. forward and reverse rotation, the direction of operation can be changed by changing the direction of connection of the motor, this operation is very simple.

2, the maintenance of sludge lobe pump belongs to the online maintenance, maintenance without removing the pipeline, in the use of the need to replace some accessories, more simple and convenient.

3. The small size of the sludge lobe pump, which is a dry installation.

4, in use, this sludge lobe pump appear clogging rarely, the general medium through the performance is very good.

Areas of application for sludge lobe pumps

Sludge lobe pumps are mainly used in wastewater treatment plants and can be divided into sludge return pumps and residual sludge pumps depending on the type and application station.

In some large sewage treatment plants in China, a number of different types of mechanical pumps with different working principles and different effects are used. Due to the high importance attached to water resources in China, many large sewage treatment plants now use sludge lobe pumps in their daily work.

Sludge lobe pumps are mainly used as residual sludge pumps to remove the remaining sludge from cesspools. The solids content of this sludge is generally between two and four percent, and the sludge contains many fine particles which are more or less corrosive to the sludge lobe pump, so when using a sludge lobe pump, it needs to be equipped with some corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant rubber rotors.

In terms of sludge return, sludge lobe pumps are mainly used as special equipment for mixed liquor return and denitrification in wastewater treatment plants, but also for pumping purified water during surface drainage; irrigation and control waterway systems; recirculation in wastewater treatment processes or slurry pumping circuits where micro-heads and high flow rates are required.