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May 11, 2022 View:

The Reason Why Rubber Rotary Lobe Pump Is Liked By Users Ace Tells You

The rotor of a lobe pump is mainly constructed by rubber, we also call it a rubber lobe pump. In the current market there are many users who prefer lobe pumps, do you know the reason why rubber lobe pumps are preferred by users? Here Ace will tell you.

lobe pump

The main reasons why rubber lobe pumps are preferred by users are as follows.

A. Rubber lobe pumps have more outstanding features

1、Self-priming capacity without irrigation and auxiliary devices, self-priming up to 8.5m.

2. Ternary flow precision moulding and five-axis linkage process, high efficiency, low noise, smooth conveying, small pulsation, can convey mixed media of solid, liquid and gas.

3. low speed 10-500 rpm, slight wear, resistant to axial and radial wear, long life, compact structure, few wearing parts, low failure rate, in-line maintenance, can be repaired without dismantling the pipe

4. The convenient flow control can be adjusted by adjusting the rotational speed and is suitable for process requirements where the flow rate needs to be changed.

5. Suitable for conveying shear sensitive media, such as oily sewage and other materials. Can be turned forward and reverse, especially suitable for top and bottom feeding occasions.

6. High applicability, non-clogging and various rotor forms ensure a high qualification rate for different materials. Pumps with special materials and special rotor forms can meet the requirements of different working conditions in the flow and pressure range.

Secondly, rubber lobe pumps are widely used

Water environment protection: municipal sewage, chemical sewage, oil sludge flotsam, floating material recovery, lime slurry, leachate and sedimentation tank sludge.

Wastewater treatment: return pumps, sludge pumps, sludge pumps, lift pumps, thickener sludge transfer pumps, primary and secondary sludge transfer pumps.

Petrochemicals: transport of oil sludge, heavy oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, oil-water-gas mixtures.

Chemical industry: corrosive substances, solvents, grease, detergents, dyestuffs, coal-water slurry.

Fire-fighting industry: liquid foam slurry, fire pumps.

Other industries: coatings, paper, resins and polymers.

Warm reminder: The above is a relevant introduction to the reasons why rubber lobe pumps are preferred by users. If you need to transport viscous media or corrosive, etc., Ace is minded to choose a lobe pump.