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May 11, 2022 View:

The Reason Why The Flow Rate Of Lobe Rotary Lobe Pump Will Be Unstable And The Solution

When a rotary lobe pump is used for a longer period of time, some problems will arise, the more common is the flow rate is unstable, so what are the causes of these? And how do we solve it? Take a look at the Ace pump industry to explain to you.

Reasons why the flow of a rotary lobe pump can be erratic and solutions.

1. bubbles appear in the water and pump vibration becomes large: inlet pipe is not tight, valve, flange, or pipe leakage

Solution: Check the inlet pipes and plug the holes

2. No media flowing out of the outlet: lobe pump rotation reversed

Solution:Replace the power wiring of the motor and switch any two of the three wires before switching on.

3. High vibration: insufficient valve opening

Solution:Check the position of the valve switches to find out the cause and then open all the valves.

4. Insufficient lobe pump speed

Solution: Check if the power supply voltage is too low; adjust the gearbox to increase the speed and increase self-priming

5. No vibration, no or little water discharge

Solution: Check lobe pump rotor wear and replace in time

6. Foreign body blockage in the water inlet pipeline

Solution:After judging and excluding other possible causes, stop the machine for disassembly and inspection.

Warm tip: The above is an introduction to the reasons and solutions for the unstable flow of rotary lobe pumps. If your rotary lobe pump industry is also found to have a flow will appear unstable hurry to check against these to see what causes it, and then solve the problem.