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May 11, 2022 View:

The Rotary Lobe And Pump Casing Clearance On The Performance Of The Rotary Lobe Pump Has An Impact

A lobe pump is a near-sealed space between the rotor and the pump casing in order to convey the medium. Therefore, its performance parameters and reliability are closely related to the size of the pump clearance. So, what is the impact of lobe pump rotor and pump casing clearance on it? Today Ace lobe pump manufacturers of the relevant personnel to introduce you.

We know that the rotor and pump casing clearance size is mainly determined by the pump structure, shaft, rotor and other parts of the force and deflection and other factors. Among them, the deflection of the shaft on the rotor, mechanical seals and bearings and other parts of the normal work and life expectancy of the impact is very large. The main reasons for this are as follows.

1, the rotor is the lobe pump conveying medium of the main overflow parts, in its role, the medium from the pump inlet and outlet, in this process if the rotor deformation is too large, once more than its clearance, it will make the rotor and immovable parts (such as pump body or wear-resistant lining plate) direct contact friction, affect the normal work of the lobe pump, shorten its working life. Here the deformation of the rotor includes the deformation of the rotor itself and the deformation of the shaft in two parts.

2, mechanical seal is a kind of relying on the elastic element on the static, dynamic ring face sealing vice of pre-tightening and medium pressure and elastic element compression and achieve sealing of the axial end sealing device. Therefore, the East ring and the static ring fit surface is good or bad, that is, the moving and static ring between the seal vice parallelism, is the key to determine the mechanical seal friction, wear and sealing performance, but also determine the working life of the mechanical seal. Therefore, the size of the deflection of the shaft is one of the main factors affecting the parallelism of the static and dynamic rings of the mechanical seal.

3、The bearing is a widely used mechanical seal foundation piece that produces sliding or rolling friction between the shaft and the shaft seat, and its quality directly affects the performance of its machine. The deformation of the shaft will affect the parallelism of the bearing jacket and inner sleeve, increase the bearing wear and shorten the bearing life.