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May 11, 2022 View:

The Use Of Sludge Transfer Pump Precautions

What do you need to pay attention to when using a sludge transfer pump? Today Ace lobe pump 's will introduce them to you.

1. Pay attention to the import and export of the sludge transfer pump. When the import and export are wrong, the medium will not flow and no material will be discharged.

2, most manufacturers currently produce sludge transfer pumps for motor drive, so to ensure the coherence of the pump and motor, adjusting concentricity and keeping the pump and motor at the same level is a very necessary task.

3. Regular maintenance enables the sludge transfer pump to detect problems in time so that they can be prevented before they occur.

4, sludge transfer pump before use, the medium to enter the inlet, to avoid the sludge transfer pump dry and idle, which is very serious damage to the pump, the user should pay great attention to this issue when using the sludge transfer pump.

5, the number of revolutions: each sludge transfer pump has its corresponding speed, the user should be clear in the process of using the high speed value of the pump, do not let the sludge transfer pump overload work, the site of the work speed is lower than the high RPM pump can be healthy operation.

The above is the use of sludge transfer pump precautions, to understand more related knowledge please pay attention to: