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May 11, 2022 View:

The Working Principle And Role Of The Check Valve Of The Lobe Rotary Lobe Pump

Usually, lobe lobe pumps are used with check valves to prevent backflow of the medium. How does it work? Today Ace's rotary lobe pumps are here to tell you.

Principle of operation of the check valve.

Check valve principle of operation is very simple, the media flow in the normal direction, when the flow pressure exceeds the check valve open pressure, the valve flap in the role of fluid pressure upward open, so as to connect the pipeline. Conversely, when the pipeline medium backward flow, in the fluid pressure and spring push, the valve is pressed in the check valve body, the valve is closed, thereby cutting off the flow of the pipeline medium. And the greater the pressure of the backflow medium, the tighter the valve flap is closed, the better the sealing effect.

Function of the check valve.

Check valve is a kind of automatic opening and closing valve without human or other action operation, relying on the flow of the pipeline medium itself to open or close the valve, mainly used to prevent the backward flow of the pipeline medium control. Check valve only one flow direction, that is, only along the inlet flow can not be backward, the media flow backward valve that is closed. Check valves are generally installed to prevent the valve is not closed when the media backflow place. Like the common pump outlet will be installed check valve, to prevent high pressure water flowing backwards into the pump, so that the pump impeller or other parts due to the impact of hydraulic loose or damaged, which leads to accidents.

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