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May 11, 2022 View:

The Working Principle And Structure Of The Rotary Lobe Pump

The Ace rotary lobe pump is a self-priming volumetric pump with strong self-priming force, forward and reverse rotation, smooth conveying, low pulsation and low shear, which can convey mixed media of gas, solid and liquid as well as media sensitive to cut-off, such as liquid bombs. In addition, the non-clogging design of the rotary lobe pump ensures the passage of large diameter materials, with a maximum passage diameter of 80 mm. at the same time, the rotary lobe pump can be equipped with special devices such as safety valves and thermal insulation and cooling for different working conditions, thus realising different working requirements.

The working principle of lobe pumps

lobe pump with twisted lobe rubber as the core, the use of synchronous gear driven under the constant rotation of the two spiral lobe rotor, from the pump's inlet to the pump's outlet to push the transport medium, due to the rotor rubber impeller and the pump body with a seal between the pump's import and export chambers isolated, with vacuum suction, due to the use of three lobe 60 spiral rotor, the pump in the rotation of a week in each moment of the instantaneous design flow is constant, almost There is no pulsation or disturbance.

lobe pump

Structural features of lobe pumps

The lobe pump is a double-supported lobe pump with its own reduction gear. The rotor is a highly efficient three-bladed spiral rotor with a metal core, which can be covered with rubber of different nature depending on the material.

lobe pump