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May 18, 2022 View:

The advantages of the lobe pump you get it?

The use of lobe pump makes solids, liquids, and gases get a good transport function. And because this pump is made of different materials, it makes the pump able to adapt to more occasions. One of the characteristics of the lobe pump is the use of a unique rotor design, so that the medium in the pump through the speed has been improved at the same time, but also to ensure that the medium will not be because of the high degree of thick slurry or the presence of large particles, resulting in the pump clogging situation occurred. The lobe pump is actually also a colloidal pump, so what are the specific advantages of this pump?

globe pump

1、Good performance in self-priming and head is highly efficient. 2、Suitable for different media solid, liquid and The three common types of media, such as solid, liquid and gas, this pump can adapt. The pump can also be adapted to the high viscosity of the medium. 3, no clogging of this rotor design is the advantage of improving the passage of the medium, so this pump basically does not occur any clogging. 4, the drive shaft has a sleeve to improve the use of the drive shaft time, because the medium does not have the opportunity to contact with the drive shaft. 5, easy maintenance of this lobe pump. strong>lobe pump maintenance, no need to disassemble, open that top cover will be able to easily replace parts. In fact, in simple terms, the zui characteristics of this pump is that the speed of the medium flow can be increased a lot, and the drive shaft of this pump can be used for a long time, the basic need for replacement, the machinery itself does not need to carry out a large disassembly work.