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May 14, 2022 View:

The application of Ace lobe rotor pump in the field of renewable energy biogas

Introduction of Ace cam lobe pump for renewable energy biogas applications

As an experienced partner in the biogas industry, we offer you specialized components for the economical and efficient operation of your biogas plant, as well as individual service tailored to your needs.

Pumps, shredding equipment, digester feed and decomposition technology developed and perfected by Ace set the international standard for the biogas industry. Here you can learn how we can assist you in optimizing your

planned acquisition or existing biogas equipment.

Ace lobe pumps - biogas feedstock transfer pumps

Ace lobe pumps are a highlight of the Ace biogas system. The features and advantages of the lobe pump are quite obvious compared to the traditional single screw transfer of biological feedstock. First of all, when a lobe pump

transfers media, the media fills the closed cavity formed by the rotor and the pump wall and discharges with the movement of the cavity, so the lobe pump is most suitable for transferring media with high particle content and large particle diameter such as biogas feedstock

Secondly, the transfer component of the Ace lobe pump is two resilient contacting lobe rotors, and the rotors

Third, the Ace lobe pump also has the advantages of in-line maintenance, compact structure, small footprint, few wearing parts (only one pair of rotor and mechanical seal), and long life of wearing parts;

Fourth, the lobe pump is a high-efficiency volumetric pump, and its starting torque and running torque are lower than those of progressive cavity pumps under the same working conditions. In terms of energy saving, Ace lobe pumps

are the first choice for biological raw material transfer.


Ace lobe pumps transfer biogas feedstock

Solids dosing

Economic addition of coenzymes to the digester as needed for the production process is a key detail for successful biogas plant operation.ACCUVON offers a variety of effective

individual components for solids handling and slurry production.

Application advantages

Can be delivered in a very short time

No additional mechanical devices for placement

Also for tricky coenzymes

No need to shut down biogas production while repair/overhaul operations are performed

Allows for quick trials of new coenzymes with low cost and good yield

Can be Quickly put into service because components are perfectly matched to each other