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May 14, 2022 View:

The basic components of sludge rotor pump

The sludge lobe pump is a high-efficiency pump that is essential for many wastewater treatment companies. Under the policy of vigorously advocating environmental protection in China, sludge wastewater treatment is extremely important, so sludge lobe pump is also put to great use. This pump is highly resistant to wear and tear, is a relatively flexible volumetric pump, in the treatment of residual sludge, reflux sludge has a fairly good handling capacity, welcome to choose to buy this pump, the following we will come together to understand its basic composition.

lobe pump

1.Pump casing

The pump casing of the sludge lobe pump is made of ductile iron, as this pump is used to handle sewage and sludge. The pump casing is made of ductile iron, and because this pump is used to handle sewage and sludge, it must be corrosion resistant. Of course, many petroleum and petrochemical industries also use this pump, so very often, this pump will also use stainless steel material to make. In short, the pump casing is made of materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear.

2. Pump cover

The pump cover of the sludge lobe pump is designed to be very simple, because this pump handles sludge that is easily blocked, so the pump cover is an easy-to-open pump cover, which not only facilitates the replacement of parts inside the pump, but also facilitates the timely cleaning of the sludge inside the pump after the pump is shut down. One advantage of this design is that the entire pump body does not need to be separated from the motor during maintenance and repair, and the piping does not need to be removed, saving both time and cost.

Through the above, we can easily see that the sludge lobe pump is quite a good pump, and if you need it, you must find a professional and regular manufacturer to purchase it, only then can you ensure the quality and better use.