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May 18, 2022 View:

The development prospect of lobe pump is bright

Among the many pumps, the pump that is recognized as good to use is the lobe pump. The main component of the lobe pump is the rotor covered with full rubber, with high precision clearance fit between the rotor and the casing, which has strong self-priming force and high head force. The pump is reliable, sturdy, energy-saving, and can transport all kinds of viscous or granule-laden media. High efficiency, energy saving, time saving, no need of priming and filling the pump, it can be applied to various complex fluid media. It has the following main differences compared with other pumps:
1. This pump is a volumetric pump, the conveying flow can be more controlled also can be easily made into a variable pump. The output flow of centrifugal pump is not controllable, and it decreases with the increase of resistance.

The speed of centrifugal pump is very high, and the conveyed material is subject to strong impact and centrifugal force, so the centrifugal pump often generates the phenomenon of inconsistent material composition when conveying the mixture, which makes the quality of the finished product decrease. And this pump is the choice to solve this problem, so it is especially suitable for conveying mixed materials and even materials containing solid particles.
3. This pump can be used to convey very high viscosity materials, so it is also called colloid pump. And the centrifugal pump does not have this characteristic.
4. This pump can be easily made into varieties with higher output pressure, such as 15kg/cm2, which is suitable for long distance or high resistance quantitative conveying.
With the development of science and technology, the improvement of people's living standards, the industrialization of rural areas, the mechanization of agricultural production is becoming more and more common, more and more lobe pump products will embrace the rural market in large quantities.