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May 14, 2022 View:

The difference between rotor pump and gear oil pump

About lobe pump and gear oil pumps, both should have a certain understanding when choosing, and also according to their actual needs to choose the right product for you. So, what are the main differences between lobe pump and gear oil pumps?

lobe pump

One, the working principle is different

The lobe pump relies on two synchronized rotors running in opposite directions to generate strong suction at the suction port.

The lobe pump relies on two synchronized rotors running in opposite directions to produce a strong suction at the suction port, and relies on this strong suction to draw the material into the pump.

Gear oil pumps rely on the same gears in the pump running in the same direction at the same time, and the two gears running in the process of generating a strong negative pressure, relying on the negative pressure to suck the liquid into the pump, and then rely on the high pressure generated by the discharge surface to eject the liquid out of the body.

Two, the use of performance is different

The use of the lobe pump performance is very good, it has a long service life, there is a wide range of use, the degree of medium does not have too high requirements, such as high viscosity, high concentration, with particles of the media can be transported. There is also the lobe pump in the use of the process of low-speed operation, but high efficiency, so it is an environmentally friendly products, of course, the lobe pump sealing is very good, the pump body has insulation devices, can work between 0 - 250 degrees.

The gear oil pump is small, which is compact and flexible which is easy to use and easy to maintain because of the compact structure parts of the gear oil pump. The self-priming performance of the gear oil pump is relatively good, and it can also automatically lubricate the parts inside the pump when it is working to reduce the friction of the parts. The safety valve in the pump body will automatically open when the rated pressure is exceeded, so the safety performance is good.

Three, the use of different working conditions

lobe pump is more suitable for high concentration, high viscosity, containing particles of media,

gear oil pump for non-solid particles of fiber, and non-corrosive liquid.

In short, knowing the difference between lobe pump and gear oil pumps makes it easier for you to choose and thus buy the most suitable one.