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May 14, 2022 View:

The difference between rotor pump and gear pump

lobe pump and gear pumps are both pumps for transporting high viscosity media, and many people are confused about these two pumps, in fact, the structure, principle, and characteristics are different, reminding that you should know what the differences are before you buy them.

lobe pump

1、What is a gear pump and what are its features

Gear pump is a volumetric rotary pump, there is a pair of meshing gears, one of the active gears driven by the motor rotation, the other driven gear and the production of the gear mesh and rotate, when the two teeth gradually separated will form part of the vacuum, the liquid under the action of atmospheric pressure through the suction tube suction liquid, the suction of the liquid along the inner wall of the pump body by the gears squeezed out, features handling small, high head, ideal for like Soaphorn, silicone oil, rosin, paint, heavy oil and other viscous liquids, semi-solid high viscosity materials, is the first choice for transporting these materials.

2. What is a lobe pump and what are its characteristics

The lobe pump is driven by a pair of gears meshing to drive two rotors, the purpose is to achieve synchronous reverse rotation, in the process of rotation of the inlet will produce a vacuum, so as to suck the liquid to be transported, this is a volumetric pump. Characterized by wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant performance. lobe pump are used to transport materials that are highly concentrated, more viscous, and have high sanitary requirements in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary industries.

The differences between lobe pump and gear pumps are tentatively introduced to you, whether it is a lobe pump or a gear pump, both have their own unique characteristics, although both can flat transport high viscosity substances, but the gear pump disadvantages are not wear-resistant, unreliable operation, while the lobe pump operation process is basically no wearing parts, easy to clean, less maintenance.