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May 14, 2022 View:

The function and advantage of elastomeric lobe rotor pump

Elastomeric lobe lobe pump are mainly composed of pump casing, liner, pump cover, rotor, shaft seal, bearings, timing gear, isolation chamber, and pump shaft. Its pump casing is machined by integral precision casting with small errors. The design of the isolation chamber isolates the overflow pump cavity and the synchronous gear box, preventing both media contamination from corroding the gears and the lubricant in the gear cavity from contaminating the media. The fully rubber covered rotor with smooth pulsation and minimal error can effectively suppress vibration and provide conveying efficiency. As a volumetric pump with simple working principle, small volume, small mass and no pollution, etc., the elastomeric lobe lobe pump is not only suitable for the transportation of oil-liquid media, but also has a potential market in petroleum and petrochemical, municipal fire fighting, and other industries, and is used more effectively than centrifugal and screw pumps in many applications.

lobe pump

Elastomeric lobe lobe pump offer significant advantages for conveying solids, shear sensitive media and high viscosity media. The large cavity formed between the intermeshing rotor and pump casing can pass solid particles of large particle size without clogging, and the integrity of the material can be guaranteed to be more than 90%. Due to the low speed of the elastomeric lobe lobe pump, the rotor is non-contact and other characteristics, so that the rest of the other types of pumps have many advantages compared to: low rotor speed, on the one hand, makes it less pulsation during operation, fluid flow is stable, on the other hand, the speed also brings the advantages of low wear, long service life and less damage to the conveyed material.

Compared to gear pumps, elastomeric lobe lobe pump have fewer pages, higher volume utilization, less suction resistance and better suction capacity. Elastomeric lobe lobe pump convey a wide range of viscosity of liquid media, from low viscosity to semi-solid state fluids. Elastomeric lobe lobe pump rotor shape symmetrical, good dynamic balance, smooth motion, the choice of high-precision gear drive type low noise motion.

Suitable for conveying high-viscosity media, the pump's operating parts are frictionless, the rotor does not need to be lubricated, there is no oil in the chamber, and there is low heat generation and stable operation. It can be maintained online, i.e. the rotor can be replaced without disassembling the pump, which is easy to maintain and requires little space for maintenance, unlike gear pumps and screw pumps, etc., where the stator must be disassembled from the pipeline for maintenance, which is time-consuming and laborious.

The above is the introduction of the elastomeric lobe lobe pump, if you have any intention or do not understand, you can consult the online customer.