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May 18, 2022 View:

The operating procedures of the lobe pump can not be sloppy

The operating procedures of the lobe pump can not be sloppy! I. Precautions before starting lobe pump Check whether the oil quantity in the gear box is normal, observe the transparent oil mark, the oil stock is appropriate for half of the oil mark sight window, the lubricating oil should be replaced regularly, generally, all should be replaced after 4000 hours of operation. Open all the inlet and outlet valves of the pipeline before starting, when the medium flows into the cavity, no abnormality after turning the pump by hand, you can first point, confirm the pump steering and medium flow before starting the official operation, it is strictly prohibited to run empty pump. When the pump reaches the normal speed, observe the pressure indicator of the pump. When the pump installation position has suction range requirements, should be filled with materials in the pump inlet pipe and pump cavity. When the process requires heating or cooling of the medium, the heating or cooling device should be opened before turning on the pump, heating energy half first * minutes to open, and then turn on the pump. Fitted with cooling water mechanical seal pump, the cooling water must be turned on before starting, and ensure that there is no break in flow after starting, otherwise the mechanical seal is damaged immediately. Second, operation 1, lobe pump in the process of operation, should pay attention to the motor power and pump operation, abnormal should stop the pump to find the cause. 2, mechanical seal should be no leakage, heat phenomenon. 3, the pump with packing seals, allow 1 ~ 3 drops per minute, such as leakage increases slightly tighten the material ring can be, no need to disassemble. 4, the use of mechanical stepless transmission, in After starting the machine according to the digital display of the speed gradually adjust the speed, it is strictly prohibited to turn the speed dial when shutting down, otherwise it will damage the induction reducer. 5, the use of frequency converter speed regulation can use manual frequency regulation and automatic control of two methods. 6, often check the pump and motor heating, when the pump is in the water cooling state, the bearing temperature rise of 40 ℃. When the pump is in the hot water insulation state, the bearing seat temperature is allowed to be higher than the pump body temperature of 30 ℃. 7, can not use the valve of the inlet pipeline to adjust the flow, to avoid cavitation and cause pump vibration. 8, the pump in operation, the inlet and outlet valves are strictly prohibited to close all. Third, stop 1, stop the pump to close the import and export valves, easy to condensate material discharge cleanup. 2, the pump in a longer period of time out of use, before starting should first turn the coupling by hand, feel the resistance, but can turn at will and light and heavy uniform. And pay attention to identify the sound of friction and foreign matter in the pump. 3, in lobe pump and repositioning of the reducer motor installation, should check the coaxiality of the pump shaft and the motor shaft, measuring the coupling of the outer circle of the upper and lower left and right piece position shall not exceed 0.1mm, otherwise it will cause pump vibration and affect the life of the spindle.