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May 18, 2022 View:

The principle and characteristics of Ace lobe pump

Ace lobe pump is used to transport water, waste water, sewage, slurry, viscous liquid, etc. It consists of casing, rotor, wear plate, and mechanical seal. As a non-contact, rotary displacement pump, the lobe pump has by today become an indispensable product in the pump industry and in the field of wastewater management technology. This pump is capable of continuously and smoothly conveying almost all materials and dosing in proportion to the speed, and is mainly used in environmental technology and the chemical industry. Some of its most important advantages are its small footprint and high power density. I. Working principle of Ace lobe pump: Two rotors move relative to each other driven by two parallel shafts, and a sealed cavity is formed between the rotor and the pump casing, with the twisted lobe rubber lobe lobe pump as the core, using two spiral lobe rotors driven by synchronous gears that constantly rotate to push the conveying medium from the pump inlet to the pump outlet, due to the rotor rubber impeller and the pump body are sealed, the pump's import and export chambers are isolated, with vacuum suction, and because of the three-lobe 60 spiral rotor, the instantaneous design flow of the pump is constant at each moment during the rotation week, with almost no pulsation and disturbance. Second, the characteristics of the pump are as follows: 1, there is no suction valve and discharge valve, their main working parts are the pump casing and rotor (such as gears, screws, cams, etc.). 2, compared with reciprocating pumps, the rotor for rotary motion, no impact, higher speed, compact structure, smaller volume. 3, the discharge pressure is generally higher, but lower than reciprocating pumps, the flow is smaller than reciprocating pumps, lower efficiency, generally only suitable for conveying 4、Most lobe pumps are lubricated by the liquid they convey, so they are generally suitable for conveying liquids with lubricity and without solid particles. 5、lobe pumps also discharge liquids intermittently, so the flow fluctuations are larger than centrifugal pumps and smaller than reciprocating pumps, but can be seen as approximately uniform. 6、When there is a liquid film on the rotor surface (conveying lubricious liquids) When the pump will have self-priming ability.