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May 18, 2022 View:

The purpose of the task of the lobe pump and the characteristics of skills

lobe pumps are also known as colloidal pumps, vane pumps, triple lobe pumps, general purpose pumps, etc. A lobe pump is a volumetric pump. It uses the periodic changes of multiple constant volume pumpers in the working chamber to achieve the purpose of pumping fluid and indirectly converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of pumping fluid. The flow rate of a lobe pump depends only on the value of the variation of the working chamber volume and the frequency of the variation per unit time, and is (practically) independent of the discharge pressure; the upper part of the lobe pump is operated during operation to reach the material through the synchronous rotation of a pair of rotors. globe pumpSkill Features:
I. The high strength acid and alkali resistant rotary shaft design ensures stable, accurate rotor operation in the center of the working chamber. It has exceptionally high strength and stiffness, which plays an important role in eliminating vibration and improving the service life of mechanical seals;
ii. Different working clearances are available to meet the pressure requirements of different industries, different mines and input pressures up to 13 bar;
III. The pump body is equipped with a special fixing mechanism, which does not affect the position of the mechanical seal and other fixed parts when removing the protection device;
IV. The mechanical seal structure design of wave plate spring makes the stress on the sealing surface more uniform and longer service life.
v. Various shapes of lobe pumps are completely interchangeable on the same equipment;
vi. All materials are acid and alkali resistant stainless steel, fully meeting the needs of food hygiene and pharmaceutical industry applications, and can meet the needs of CIP cleaning;
VII. High precision manufacturing equipment synchronous gears and bearings are necessary to ensure the accuracy of equipment operation;
viii. Provide a variety of energy transfer mechanisms that can fully meet the needs of any special process conditions;
The above is the purpose of the task and the skill characteristics of the lobe pump brought to you today, and I hope it will be helpful to you.