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May 14, 2022 View:

The reason why the piston rotor pump is widely used

Guide: No matter what type of pump is used, there is a moving part involved, which is the rotor. And the rotor as a moving part is more prone to wear and tear. So under normal circumstances, the pump because of damage to the rotor and lead to increased internal leakage happens from time to time. The piston lobe pump does not have this problem, because its advantages lie in the following aspects.

lobe pump

1, extended service life

Piston lobe pump are mainly

The piston lobe pump is mainly made of various elastic, corrosion-resistant rubber-like polymers, which ensure that the rotor tip is compensated for damage caused by wear and tear, thus extending the service life.

2. Low cost

The low cost is mainly for the larger rotors that only need to be replaced at the rotor tip when removing or replacing the structure, while keeping the rotor in use. The cost is definitely lower.

3, no leakage

The sealing feature of the piston lobe pump is a benefit, in addition to the use of an isolation chamber design, the isolation chamber can also be filled with neutral liquid, which ensures that if the transfer fluid leaks, it will only be in the middle chamber and will not cause contamination to occur.

4. Insensitive to solids

The rotor in the transfer cavity of this pump is not clogged, even with fibrous objects, as is the case with screw pumps.

Of course, these points are not all the advantages of piston lobe pump, which are small, acid and alkali resistant, self-priming, less prone to idling, and more efficient despite running at low speeds. The company's products are available in a wide range of sizes and sizes.