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May 18, 2022 View:

The rotation of metal lobe pump has 3 forms

Metal lobe pump adopts external dynamic and static ring mechanical seal, which can be flushed by water directly, resistant to high pressure, not easy to wear, no leakage. Small volume, large flow rate, high head pressure, suitable for long distance and high resistance quantitative conveying. It has high conveying pressure and can convey high viscosity material smoothly. The streamline structure of the rotor and the absence of dead spots and non-metallic parts in the rotor chamber avoid contamination of the conveyed material. The lobe pump relies on two rotors (24 teeth) that roll backwards synchronously to generate suction (vacuum) at the inlet during rotation, thereby drawing in the material to be conveyed. The two rotors separate the rotor chamber into several small spaces and operate in the order abcd. When running to position a, only I chamber full of media; to position b, B chamber in the blocked sector of the media; to position C, A chamber also blocked media; to position d, A chamber B chamber and II chamber, the media is transported to the discharge port. As such round and round, the medium (material) that is * transported out. Metal lobe pump is mainly rotating, its rotation is mainly the following three forms of work: 1) motor and fixed speed ratio reducer combined rotation: this rotation is more stable, if the effect will be better with frequency converter, it can achieve the role of speed regulation, but also determine the non-adjustability of its flow. 2) motor + mechanical friction stepless transmission combined rotation: it is manually to adjust, so The manual way to achieve safety and reliability, but because it is a manual operation, so it is non-automatic adjustment, in the use of the trouble. 3) motor + mechanical friction stepless transmission combination rotation: the advantage of this rotation is that it is fully automatic adjustment, the operation is very simple, high degree of automation, but such advantages also affect the market price fluctuations, causing the price of the inverter The price of the inverter is relatively high, and the low-speed torque is relatively large.
The main reason for this is that it is a very simple and automatic operation.