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May 14, 2022 View:

The routine maintenance method of lobe rotor pump

Introduction: The lobe lobe pump has been widely used in recent years, and the reason why it can be so popular so quickly is that the structure is made of materials that meet the standard, and the seals are made of non-toxic rubber, which can guarantee safety and hygiene, and regular maintenance is needed in use to make the lobe pump last longer. What are the routine maintenance methods for lobe pump?

globe pump

1. Inspection of the discharge system piping

The high pressure column of the lobe pump can back up rapidly if it is caused by a sudden power failure. the rapid backflow, it will be formed in the outlet check valve valve plate on the impact. The main problem is that the discharge system piping and piping accessories need to be inspected and modified if there is an unreasonable arrangement.

2, the valve closes too fast

The export pipeline of the cam-type lobe pump is often prone to the valve closing too fast, which can easily lead to damage to the valve, the treatment method is to slowly close the valve.

3. Pay attention to the heat diffusion

Transfer to the pump cover and bearings is often a lot of heat, because the surface heat dissipation is not very good, so at the beginning of the selection of the installation location to choose the air circulation, to facilitate the diffusion of high-temperature oil pump cover and bearing seat heat, without the accumulation of heat.

Finally, in the case of a sudden power failure, it is easy to cause pressure fluctuations in the cam-type lobe pump system, so there will be a negative pressure in the discharge system, resulting in the escape of air bubbles originally dissolved in the liquid, making a lot of gas in the equipment as well as inside the pipeline, and in this case, all we have to do is to drain the gas.