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May 18, 2022 View:

The specific operation method of using the lobe pump to change the mechanical seal

lobe pump consists of a stationary pump casing and a rotating rotor, which has no suction and discharge valves, relying on the rotor in the pump body to act directly on the liquid in the form of static pressure on the side in contact with the liquid, and discharging the liquid by the squeezing action of the rotor rotating, while leaving space on the other side to form a low pressure, so that the liquid is continuously drawn in. Then use the lobe pump for mechanical seal specific operation method: 1. remove the lobe pump rotor chamber chamber cover on each cover-shaped nuts, remove the lobe pump chamber cover. 2. use a copper rod or wooden block pad between the two rotors, use a wrench to lobe pump two rotor fixed nuts removed. Note: the normal factory configuration of the equipment active shaft fixing nuts for clockwise relaxation, the driven shaft fixing nuts for counterclockwise relaxation. 3. pull out the two rotors by hand. (If you cannot pull out the rotor by hand, please follow step 4.) 4. Remove the two fixing nuts of the rotor chamber and hammer the back sides of the rotor chamber with a copper rod until the rotor chamber can be removed by hand. (If the rotor is not taken off when operating step 3, the rotor will be taken out with the rotor chamber at this time.) Note: At this time, you can see the adjustment thin shims at the two drive shaft shoulders, please do not take them off easily, if you need to take them off, please remember the number of adjustment thin shims in this position so that they can be installed in the original position and number when reassembling. 5.lobe pump Put the complete O-ring, static ring, and Wave plate spring corresponding with 3 pins to the rotor chamber of the lobe pump. 6. Set the complete dynamic ring combination onto the shaft from the shaft end. If the new dynamic ring combination is used, the two screws on the dynamic ring set need to be rotated in the position of the second plane on the shaft, but do not tightly nailed to the shaft, so that the dynamic ring set on the shaft can rotate about 5, remember not to make the dynamic ring set 360 rotation. Then drip a small amount of paint or grease in the screw hole to prevent the screw from falling off when the equipment is working.7. Install the rotor chamber to the transmission box of the lobe pump and press it tightly to make it fit with the box. (Rotor chamber and transmission box assembly position has two cone pin positioning). Insert the iron bar into the 2 positioning pin holes and hammer the 2 positioning pins respectively to make the rotor chamber position in the original factory position, and lock the 2 rotor chamber fixing nuts with force back and forth respectively. Note: After assembling the rotor chamber, if the adjusting thin pads have been removed when disassembling the rotor chamber, please install the thin pads in the original position and in the original quantity at this time.8.lobe pump Load the rotor inside the rotor chamber, use a copper bar or wooden block to pad between the two rotors, and use a wrench to fix the two rotor fixing nuts. Note: ①The rotor, rotor fixing nut and drive shaft are numbered at the factory, so please put the parts with the same number together when assembling, and you can see the respective numbers after this step is completed. ②The upper fixing nut is tightened counterclockwise and the lower fixing nut is tightened clockwise for the normal factory configuration.