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May 18, 2022 View:

The structure of rotor pump

Rotor pump mainly consists of rotor, a pair of synchronous meshing gears, mechanical seal, pump body, pump body end cover, transmission box, transition plate, two transmission shafts, flange, coupling and other parts.

The drive method is either a variable speed motor or a fixed ratio geared motor or the user can choose the matching device according to their needs, so that the output flow can be adjusted smoothly in a wide range. The rotor shaft is mounted on a pair of tapered roller bearings that can withstand axial loads. The gears are mounted in a gearbox with an oil sump. The gearbox and the pump body are separated from each other and at a certain distance from each other, and the oil from the gearbox does not mix with the medium in the pump body.

The rotor is machined to a high degree of accuracy and is made of different materials, such as cast iron and stainless steel, depending on the transmission medium. The shaft seal at the pump body is a precision balanced or unbalanced mechanical seal. Synchronous gears and box bodies are generally made of structural steel and cast iron, respectively. The drive shaft is made of medium carbon steel.